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About Us


This site was designed after much encouragement from many professional and novice bird keepers. It is with great pleasure to have finally put my talents to the test and create not only this site but to share with you much of my knowledge about birds. The general idea of this site is to collect and organize links to sites which are not only relevant but with factual content. I wanted to design a site where you can find what you are looking for fast & easy in an organized manner. How often have you needed information about a bird and not known where to start looking or even what to look for? How many times have you ended up on Google going around in circles, never finding what you originally looked for? Well, this site was aimed to put you in the right direction and save you a lot of time.


This site will eventually have pages for all aspects of bird keeping, from building cages/aviaries to hand rearing and much more. We want to help teach everyone what we know and hopefully have everyone share their knowledge with others to build a better finch community. Of course there are already sites which are full of information, but those seem less interactive and some not mobile or tablet friendly, whereas this site is. As time goes on more functionality will be added to this site giving you the ability to do more on here. I have been asked questions covering every corner of finch keeping from breeding to health, many of which seem to be the same questions over and over, so I hope this site will answer many of those questions.


I have struggled (like many of you) to find a site where you are able to find the latest bird shows, bird tabletop sales, bird clubs are avian conventions, so I have designed a system here on Avian Directory which does just that. You can also buy or sell birds/products through this site or list lost or found birds, all for free, unlike many other sites where they want to charge you for that service. The only money we make is through donations from the button below from kind-hearted members. I am also in the process of developing a support forum for this site, although it is now usable, there are still many features which need to be implemented.