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Gouldian Finch Information Pack

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This project is now Dis-continued, A new project is in the pipeline!


The Gouldian Finch Information Pack is a package carefully organized into categories to help you find the relevant information you need fast. Although I can not cover everything, I believe I have covered many topics of interest whilst including topics of lesser interest to keep an even balance. I have designed this software with notion that most of the people downloading and using it will be mostly beginners but was also designed for everyone else including experts. It is said that the gouldian finch is not an easy species to keep, but this is far from the truth, with knowledge and experience your gouldian finches can live a healthy productive long life just as any other species. There are two versions of this package, the free version which has some limitations and the full version which has no limitations at all. The free version will exclude some sections which can be seen by greyed out buttons on the menu page and may have fewer photos, shorter articles. The full version will give you access to everything, full articles, all photos, video clips, all sections.

You are maybe wondering why you would need such a package for keeping gouldian finches, well in reality, you do not, but it is nice to have a quick access library to information when you need it most. There are many people around the world who have limited or no access to the Internet and this is one of the main reasons for developing this software, especially the free version where people just simply have no money at all. I hope to help all those who are struggling to keep gouldian finches by sharing information with them about these beautiful birds.

Please Note: There will be newer releases to update older versions periodically, so please remember to check back from time to time.

Current version 1.0.0 - Release date: 16th March 2020

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